I’ve Often Thought of the Gospel as a Clock

I've Often Thought of the Gospel as a Clock

A lot of people know what it is and what it does, but they don’t understand how and why it works.
It is such a privilege to study God’s Word, because the inner workings in the “black box” that was the Gospel to me for so many years are finally fitting together.

With Christmas fast approaching, I find myself reflecting again on why it is that it is such an important event for the Christ-follower. I’ve realized while reading Luke 1 and 2, it is the fact that Jesus was born holy that is so encouraging. It isn’t merely the fact that Jesus was born that is worth celebrating, it’s that he was BORN so that we may live. And that life is only accomplished through his eternal holiness. The trinity came together (Luke 1:35) to ensure that a savior could be born. What’s more, we celebrate because at his birth we are reminded that his reign, his holy reign, is everlasting (Luke 1:33).