Words of Note: 11/07/12

Some words of note for this post-election day:

1. Romney’s Concession Speech

As was widely reported, Romney was so confident in victory that he had only penned a victory speech.  Who knows how accurate that is, however in an election as tight as this one, it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume that though he hadn’t written one, he knew who to thank.  That said, I think Romney’s speech was the most genuine and humanizing I’ve seen him give.  It is indeed interesting to look back on this most divisive election cycle, and look at this speech in context.  I do believe Romney was gracious in defeat, and appeared to be genuinely thankful that it was all over, even thought the outcome was not as he desired.


2. Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech

President Obama’s acceptance speech hearkened back to 2008, exuding the charisma that has come to be a fundamental descriptor of him from the beginning of his national political career.  It was a well delivered speech that echoed 2008, but also hinted far more seriously at the difficulties that lay ahead.  The reality is that Obama will have to deal with a split Congress yet again, making bi-partisanship more important than ever.  This speech certainly echoed a battlefield mentality at times in favor of the “working across the aisles” feel that his 2008 speeches had in abundance.



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